From the Curate

Dear Friends


It’s been good to hear that Nick will be returning to work early in October (on a part time basis) and we give thanks that this has been possible.

After a spell of late summer sun, it is beginning to look like autumn now and as usual we have quite a busy time at church with services. On 10th October we are having a service of confirmation and will be welcoming Bishop John Went, former Bishop of Tewkesbury to take the service. Two adult members of our congregation, James Everett and Sasha Ransome, will be confirmed at, what I am sure, will be a joyful service. Please come to support them if you are able to. The service is also a good time to reflect on your own baptism and confirmation and the vows you made (or which were made for you) at those services.

Following that we have Harvest Festival on 17th with our contributions going to Acton Homeless Concern. As well as being a service of thankfulness for the food we have and those involved in its production and distribution it’s also a time to remember those in this country experiencing food poverty. Our Giving Project of the Ealing Foodbank also supports those in need of food.

At the end of the month, we move in to the season of Remembrance with our service of All Souls on Saturday 30th when we remember departed loved ones and give thanks for their lives. This is followed by All Saints’ Day on 31st.

Whilst in many ways things seem to be returning to something like normality, I am very aware that the virus is still with us and is likely to be for some while yet and that people have different views about the risks and different levels of anxiety. I think it’s important that we continue to be considerate of those who have different views to our own and be kind to one another as we move through the autumn and winter periods in the knowledge that there may yet be more bumps along the way. We continue to pray for those who are unwell and those who are vulnerable or anxious.

For those of you with children I hope the half term break goes well and offers a chance for a bit of a break from the day to day before the colder weather sets in.

Wishing you God’s blessing and peace - 



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