Bible-Study Groups

 I call upon all menfolk and womenfolk of our community to join with us to participate in the first official Bible study groups of 2024. We will be aiming to learn from the scriptures and develop our understanding of the Bible, as a whole, and its interconnection to our daily lives. Do bring along your own copy of the Bible.

We will be following the Church of England's bible study course, authored by Andrew Ollerton, which deals with all the key scriptures within the Bible, along with their associated historical context. Our aim will be to consider the application of the scriptures to today's world and our relationship to them, reading them with reference to two essential questions:

What - What did it (the particular scripture) mean in its original context?

Now What - Now what does this passage mean for my life today?

We plan to hold fortnightly study sessions - one mixed for both men and women and one for just women, which are arranged as follows:

Women's Bible Study Group Lead by Jenny BE. Helgen. Venue: St Mary’s Church. Time: 6.30pm Friday 5 th April 2024 and every fortnight


Mixed Bible Study Group Lead by Michael Wainwright. Venue: Vilamoura Restaurant, 136-134 Churchfield Rd, London W3 6BS. Time: 7.30pm Wednesday 10 th April 2024 and every fortnight

Should you need to contact me with any questions or queries then please do not hesitate to revert to me on 07507 253701 or come and see either myself or Jenny at Church.

 Kind Regards

Michael Wainwright


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