Charity of the Month

Teenage Cancer Trust

Junior Church has this year nominated the Teenage Cancer Trust as their chosen charity following an entertaining voting process involving the group choosing from 3 suggestions and running to the respective sides of the hall for their preferred charity.

Sadly, around seven young people aged between 13 and 24 are diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK.  They need expert treatment and support from the moment they hear the word ‘cancer.’  Teenage Cancer Trust is the only charity in the UK dedicated to making this happen.

The Trust exists to improve the cancer experience of young people aged 13–24. Founded in 1990, the charity's key service is providing specialist teenage units in NHS Hospitals.  There are currently 28 such units in the UK. The units are dedicated areas for teenage and young adult patients; the aim is to make each unit a home from home environment with computers, TVs and game consoles.

Without the work of Teenage Cancer Trust, young people with cancer can be treated alongside children or elderly patients, isolating them when they most need support that’s appropriate for their age group.  They might be treated by cancer specialists who have no experience of working with young people and aren’t aware of the very specific challenges that come with having cancer when you’re young.

They might never meet another person with cancer their own age and can feel frightened and alone.  Having treatment can mean they miss out on all the normal things you do when you’re young – hanging out with friends, playing sports and having fun.

The charity also serves as an advocate for teenage cancer needs, promoting related research and national and international forums.  It also provides support services and education related to teenage and young adult cancer.

Junior Church is looking forward to supporting this amazing charity over the next two months with some dedicated fund-raising activities (no doubt involving baking and eating cakes!) and is grateful to St Mary’s for the opportunity to raise valuable funds.

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