Charity of the Month

Alzheimer’s Research UK
chosen by Junior Church and Youth Group


The group has chosen Alzheimer’s Research UK for their nominated two months of the Planned Giving projects St Mary’s and All Saints support over the year. The Rector inspired the group to decide on this charity with his amazing 100 kilometers run. By doing so Nick has highlighted to us the work the charity does in terms of supporting both people who have Alzheimer’s and dementia now but also for vital research so that one day in the future we will not have to worry about the impact of dementia on the family. Without effective treatments, one in three children born today will die with dementia. Today, there are no dementia survivors but research by the charity will hopefully change this. By 2025 Alzheimer’s Research UK hopes they can bring about life changing dementia treatment - this is not such a long time away.
Although dementia and Alzheimer’s are not a young person’s illness the group chose the charity as some of the children and youth have family members who suffer with dementia. Some members of the congregation have dementia, or have sadly passed away from it, so from young to old supporting this charity will help us all.
Alzheimer’s Research UK spends its money wisely, for every £1 donated 77p powers life changing research and helps people to understand and act on dementia. The remaining 23p funds essential running costs and increasing donations. Most charities have seen their income dramatically reduced due to Covid -19, donations to Alzheimer’s Research UK have fallen by 45% this year and they have had to make the difficult decision to postpone funding on new research so they have enough finances to support their current research work. They need our support more than ever to find breakthrough treatment to prevent people being at risk of dementia.
Thank you, St Mary’s and All Saints, for allowing Junior Church and Youth Group to choose such an important and vital charity to support.
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