Charity of the Month

Microloan Foundation

St Mary’s Church has been supporting the Microloan Foundation (MLF) since 2011, enabling some of the world’s poorest people to work their own way out of poverty through the training and microloans MLF provide. Focusing on African women, they help them build successful businesses and financial resilience, through loans, and ongoing business training.

Since 2002, MLF has helped 1.2 million beneficiaries including families and children, but right now COVID-19 has now reached the very poorest communities. Thousands of families who are living in extreme poverty are now facing this additional threat. MLF needs support to help them work with local governments, communities and financial regulators to find the best solutions to minimise the risk and impact Zimbabwe has now officially announced a lockdown and similar measures are imminent in both Malawi and Zambia. MLF is working with local governments, communities and financial regulators to find the best solutions to minimise the risk and impact on our beneficiaries, staff and operations.

Agness Mpinganjira has a business selling milk to people in her village. She also has four children who are all financially dependent on her. After leaving school at fifteen and having her first child, aged twenty, providing for her family is something Agness has always struggled with. She found running a business particularly challenging; she was not making enough money and, as a result, was failing to support her children.

With a desire to improve the standard of living for both her and her family, Agness signed-up for a loan with MicroLoan. As well as this loan, Agness receives recurring support from our Loan and Training Officer to help ensure she plans ahead and understands the importance of saving for the future. Since receiving her loan, Agness’ business has expanded significantly, and she currently makes around £5.20 per week, compared to the £1.05 she was initially making before her loan.

Agness now has an additional business selling scones, and plans on expanding further. She intends on using the profits she has made so far to buy goats and chickens to help generate more income. “People’s lives are changing due to a good diet.” Agness has highlighted the impact her business has had on both her and those around her. She states that her children will now be able to complete their education as a result and hopes they will have a bright future.





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