From the Rector

The Power of Words:

Fostering Harmony in Our Parish Community

In the warm embrace of our church family, each one of us seeks a sanctuary - a place of solace, support, and spiritual nourishment. It is at St Mary’s, within the sacred walls of our parish church, that we gather to share in faith, to lift each other up, and to walk together in the light of God’s grace. Yet, even in such a community, the human frailties of idle gossip and unkindness can occasionally surface, detracting from the unity and love we strive to cultivate.

It is important to acknowledge these moments not with judgment, but with a heart for reconciliation and growth. Whispers and unkind sentiments directed towards one another, remind us of the power of our words. Words can either be the seeds of community spirit or the weapons that divide us.

Gossip is often seen as harmless; a way to connect with others through shared stories. However, when these stories are unverified, embellished, or negative, they can cause harm and create divisions within our community. The Bible warns us about the dangers of the tongue and the devastation it can bring (James 3:5-6). Gossip undermines trust and creates an environment of suspicion - far from the nurturing community we aim to be.

How, then, can we strive to eliminate these behaviours that stand in opposition to the teachings of Christ? The answer lies in nurturing empathy, practising forgiveness, and promoting open and honest communication. Let us consider these steps:

1. Pause and Reflect: Before sharing information, pause and reflect on its purpose. Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind? This simple filter, often attributed to Socrates, can be a powerful tool against gossip.

2. Direct Communication: If concerns or issues arise, let us address them directly with those involved or those who can effect change, such as our pastoral team. This direct approach fosters clarity and prevents misunderstandings.

3. Focus on Positivity: Let us make a concerted effort to speak positively about each other and about our community leaders. Encouraging words and appreciation can uplift spirits and strengthen our bonds.

4. Seek Understanding: When we hear something concerning about someone, let’s approach the situation with empathy. Seeking to understand the challenges others are facing can lead to supportive conversations rather than judgmental whispers.

5. Pray: Prayer is our most potent tool. Pray for strength to resist participating in gossip, for healing where harm has been done, and for our community to be united in love and respect.

In conclusion, each one of us has a role in crafting the atmosphere of our parish. Our words and actions have the power to build up or tear down. Let us choose to be builders -creators of a loving, supportive, and welcoming community. By doing so, we not only honour each other but also reflect the love and grace of God.

May we continue to grow in love and understanding, nurturing a parish that feels like home to all who enter and leave its doors.



The Revd Preb. Joseph Fernandes

Rector of Acton


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